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>>meet and greet<<

we create our own universe

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This is a community for everyone enrolled in the awesome Keystone National High school. This is an unofficial site intended to provide support for members of this group. People like us are generally in unique academic situations and so it can be beneficial to befriend others in a similar situation.

The main mod is zombiehumper, and flexiblesvensk is the retired mod.

Community rules

· You must currently be or have previously been a member of Keystone in some venue. You can be enrolled in any way to any extent, in any course. The exception to this rule is if you are an academic/homeschooler who is curious about Keystone and would like to learn from us. We are open in this respect.
· There’s no age limit—Keystone itself is open to many, and we try to be too!
· Please post every once in awhile. Lurkers contribute nothing!
· You must respect the other members. Any fights will be moderated and may lead to your explusion. Cruelty is not tolerated; play nice. Anon commenting is not allowed. Email one of the mods if you would like to join and are having trouble.
· It’s not mandatory but it’s nice if you can fill out an introduction form. It’s the best way to meet more students like you, after all!

Feel free to share your links, study tips, or advice. You’re allowed to talk about everything, though. This is not an exclusively-school-centric community. It’s just our binding interest.