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Any advice?

Hey guys!

I'm very new to this whole keystone thing. I was previously tutored privately because of my health. The town provided me with a teacher. However, they're essentially idiots, and it turned out they didn't get my credits sorted right (or something). For that reason they've started me over in highschool (I should be a sophomore--now i'm a freshman) and we're using keystone to stay organized, but i'm technically a part of my local highschool. (I hope you stayed with me through that. I know I didn't do a wonderful job explaining.)

I just got a few books and i've logged on to get a feel for things. So far i'm completely overwhelmed. I've really got no idea as to what i'm supposed to do...but my tutor will be here Monday, so hopefully she has a clue and we can learn together. My family is probably going to move (out of town) this summer, so i'm hoping to have the system down cold by then. It's really hard getting a tutor who can understand my illness enough to work with me (It took ages to find my current one, who's wonderful). I really don't want to go through the process of finding a new one again, so by that time i'd love to be comfortable enough with this to do it myself and be schooled exclusively through keystone.

Any advice for somebody just starting out? It'd be great if I could have another student explain to me how this really works. They did give me 'real live' books...but i've been told that i'll be doing work online. I've asked repeatedly HOW I do my work, but i'm getting very little explanation.

A quick question...A very basic one. Why is it you've chosen to enroll in Keystone? What's the best part about it? The worst? I'd love hearing what you have to say about it.

By the way...I'm very sorry if any of this is incoherent. It's 5 AM, and I haven't slept. ;o)
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