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Secure Site

Hi Everyone

I'm new to the community. I'm taking English 1 Honors, World History, Algebra 1 :-x, German 1, and Physical Science.

Whenever the last update that was done to blackboard, they changed the security level of the site and the logging in process which I suppose is needed, with all of the personal information and things of that sort, however I have a Linksys Broadband Router and for some reason the router filters out the keystone login site. Does that make sense?

So I have my wirespeed dsl box, and it's ethernet cord is plugged into the linksys router, and the router is plugged into my PC. I then have a wireless linksys card in my laptop and a wireless antena thing for my other pc in the house.

So I go to on any three of the computers and I type in my login information and click login and the site takes FOREVER to load and when it does load it shows an error website saying site not found.. bla bla bla.. so I took the ethernet cord from my dsl wirespeed box and plugged it directly into my main pc and I go to keystone and log in and I have no problems at all. I can access everything and there are no errors.

This creates a problem though because I need to do my work on my laptop in my bedroom but I can't because I can't pick up the Keystone highschool on my laptop because of the router.

Has anyone else had this problem? I need some help with this!

Also, at what level of importance are the journal entries.. are the teachers tough on grading them?

Thanks so much!
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