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Like the poster below, it figures I find this community once it's no longer active and I'm a new sophmore as well. I enrolled in February and have never experienced homeschooling so it was a little tough to set a schedule, not procrastinate, and wrap my head around a few things (especially the math :///) But I'm hoping to tie up these classes by August/September at the latest.

My question is, I'm still a little hesitant and uninformed about Keystone's accredidation. I know they're accredited but when applying to colleges do they just see your transcript as they would see a public highschools? Do schools look at you in a different light because you were schooled online or at home (do they think lesser/more of you)? 

I'm interested in applying to an art focused university, and while grades aren't of huge importance sometimes, I would still like to get a good GPA so I can receive scholarships. I'm a little worried and I hope I made the right decision to do this. Has anyone in here attended college or  have been accepted to one yet??
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